Business Elevation

This is The proven Secret of making millions through millions of clients. Make from $2000 income within 12 weeks, and  get started in 24 hours!

                                           I’ll be teaching you a new way of creating a ‘high in demand product or service’ that makes new and regular clients.

Join Our business elevation masterclass and if you will have not made Ksh.200,000 in the next 3 months, we will pay back the difference immediately!

How to start a successful business

Although there are many businesses that get set up each day, the truth is that only 1% of those businesses make it past 12 months. Again, only 1% of those businesses that were past 12 months make it past 10 years! The only businesses that thrive are those that have a very compelling product or service for a specific niche of clients. In addition, that business should enjoy dominance and at all times appeal to customers. Therefore, to start a successful business, get to know how to get clients flowing to your business and adopt all the above principles.

Understanding Cash flow

Cash flow can be likened to blood circulation in a body. Poor blood circulation leads to poor health and no circulation at all leads to death. The same case to a business, if one gets poor cash flow, your business is at risk of crashing. its needless to say that no cash flow can ultimately lead to business ‘death’. Cash flow is brought about by consistent sales happening, where as the stock gets depleted, there is regular replenishment. Cash flow comes into play if one has got customers to buy the products, so the key thing here is the customer to sustain your cash flow.

Building a 7 figure business

The secret in creating a wealthy business empire lies in the wise use of debts. Although many will tell you never to start a business with a loan, in my case you can start and grow any business from scratch from loan. With the right use of Business Elevation, you can not only make profits fast but you can repay the debt and protect your cash flow system for a consistency in growth.

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Wealth secrets of the modern world book

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                business Elevation formula advantages

Student’s business visits

We do not just teach, we follow up to ensure that our student never gets it wrong. We coach the associates and workforce to offer maximum delivery for our set goals attainment.

Customized solutions for our Students

We take time to understand the niches of our student’s businesses and plan out the best strategies of scaling them to many times their original sizes. In case of financing, we arrange for the investments in form of equity or loans .

Grow your business to millions workshop

Our interactive workshops helps our clients gain hands on understanding on techniques of growing their business enterprise no matter the niche.

growing online businesses

Business elevation has helped thousands of our clients make over $45,000,000. Through the simple to follow templates and easy to key in your theme, our students are able to apply the business modules and get business flowing.

What people are saying

Business elevation elite team is always ready to help you scale up your business into millions. We hold hundreds of personal and private business consultations for our students.

business elevation workshop assistant

Inna Darck

IOS Developer

We hold hundreds of workshops on business elevation varied niches and for small, medium and large scale enterprises.

business workshop in nakuru

Johnson Myke

Android Developer

Joshua Thigiru leads in most of the major workshops


Anna Doe

Software Developer

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Where are your Head offices?

We are in Afya Coop plaza Globe round about Nairobi. .

Where do you conduct your trainings?

Most of our common trainings are done in hired venues in case of business specialized trainings, we visit the student’s place of work.

How much do you charge for your traninings?

Since knowledge is power, we ensure that whatever we charge you are able to achieve it within the third month of our training. whereas the main master classes ranges from $4997 for the full session we have major classes that goes for $1997 and common classes that average at $397 We always back our courses with 100% money back guarantee in case one is never contented.

Do you have testimonials of your coaching?

Yes, we have thousands of our clients who have made millions of profits through business elevation formula. Many of our clients end up working with us on various money making projects in future.

Do you have clients from other parts of the world?

Yes, we have students who have made it using business elevation formula all over the world.