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electric car conversion

Electric car conversion service

pay a service fee From Ksh4,000/month

Are you tired of your car’s drinking problem? Emmih LTD has a solution to this problem by converting your car to electric. whereas the drive train remains their property, they offer 100% guarantee of drive train service at no charge. In addition, overall car servicing is done at discounted rates.

Depending on the rate of power depletion which is given by your monthly travel distance, we are able to offer the power modules that best suits your specific vehicle.

We are converting small cars and SUVs currently; in future we will get into heavy trucks and buses.

The Vehicle’s drive train and storage remains Emmih Limited property




Electrical renewable Power plant installation

Pay 50% less than your current power bill.

This power plants are suitable for clients whose bills are from Ksh.150,000to Ksh.1,000,000 per month.

Installations that are done in the commercial areas require weekly or monthly primary power bank recharges which we facilitate from a remote renewable energy center.

Our power plant can be used in place of the main grid power or as a supplement  in case of power failures.

Our units consists of an utility meter which helps us calculate the amount of energy consumed monthly; our charges are 50% less than that of the grid supply.

pre-order today to be the first clients benefiting from our energy projects .

emmih electric cars

Buy an Electric Car

Pay on installments from Ksh. 35,000/Month

With no need to fuel at the petrol stations, you will be able to own a car by placing a down payment and settling the payments on installment basis.

We relieve you from the hustle of recharging the car every time the batteries gets depleted. Our patent pending battery system helps us to bank power for your use that can last up to 30 days, or depending on your car use and battery capacity.

During our 30 minutes monthly power management of your vehicle, we charge our monthly power recharge as well as the vehicle’s installment cost.

The Vehicle’s drive train and storage remains Emmih Limited property


Emmih Affordable  Housing

Pay on installments from Ksh. 25,000/Month

You can now own a home at an affordable monthly pay from Ksh.25,000, almost similar to a rental amount.

At a deposit of Ksh.500,000, you can have a complete home ready for your occupation in 12 months to come.

You will not need to purchase land or pay other amounts related to building and construction.

Order for the construction today.